Warner Plaza Urgent Care offers the best emergency medical services in Woodland Hills, California. Treatments are available for minor illnesses and injuries, vaccines and minor surgery in addition to well-patient visits to develop optimal health plans and physicals to satisfy job or school requirements. There is also a special treatment course for addictions to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and successfully equip the patient to quit drug and alcohol dependency. Hamid Mirshojae, DO and Aram Mkhitarian, DO form a skilled team to bring compassionate, hands-on healthcare to their patients. These licensed physicians are trained in high-quality healthcare and provide expert diagnosis and treatment. Their level of education as Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine allows them to use all the traditional methods of modern medical care and also compliment that with specialized training in healing. Their knowledge of manipulative techniques to treat muscles and joints allows them to bring advanced technical knowledge to treat mobility issues. Call or book online today to see either doctor for the most comprehensive urgent care.

“Thank you Dr. Hamid and associates for the excellent care and knowledge! A couple days later and my sore throats completely gone.”
– Omid S.
“If you’re looking for a fast and quick urgent care then this is the place to be. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes. Very rare!”
– Elanur S.
“I was stung multiple times. Warner Plaza took me in and swiftly took care of my stings.”
– James C.
“Dr. Hamid and Dr. Aram are all stars, super down to earth and caring. I really can’t thank them enough for all of the wonderful care they give to me and my children.”
– Phillips R.
“I was greeted and welcomed with smiles. I had torn my ACL…the doctor saw me, educated me on the knee area, and referred me to an excellent physical therapy program.”
– Danesh T.
“They were fast, easy and inexpensive. Staff was great and the doctor really listened to my symptoms and I was in and out within the hour.”
– Nicole R.
“I had a good experience here. I had a hairline fracture and torn tendons in my ankle. They did x-rays and prescribed meds and referred me to an orthopedic doctor.”
– Al T.
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