Our top priority is to provide you world class urgent care no matter what your budget is. That’s why we work with several insurance providers including Health Net. You deserve affordable health coverage with multiple options, no matter your age, income, employment status, or state of health. Health Net is proud to serve more than 3 million Californians with a wide array of plans and networks so you get the coverage you deserve. Health Net believes that the health of communities is transformed one person at a time, and partners with hundreds of organizations working to keep you healthy.  

We are proud to accept Health Net as an insurance provider. Please feel free to call us at 1-818-888-7009 to discuss what urgent care services your Health Net insurance covers and to make an appointment, or walk-in anytime during our business hours. Follow Health Net on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

Warner Plaza Urgent Care is dedicated to providing our patients with only the best care. Our resident doctors are experienced, expert providers of urgent care.

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Woodland Hills, CA 91367


Minor Surgery Specialists

Dr. Hamid Mirshojae has over two decades of experience providing his urgent and emergency care patients with minor surgery treatments, including skin tag removals, skin biopsies, mole removals, the drainage of abscesses, and more.

Our Hours

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