Warner Plaza Urgent Care is dedicated to providing incredible urgent medical care for everyone who steps into our Woodland Hills office. We offer a variety of services for our patients, including treatments for illnesses and injuries, all available on a walk-in basis. To help ensure that our patients can get the care they need, we accept certain medical insurances, including Cigna.

Cigna insurance offers a variety of health insurance plans, including plans for Medicare, like Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Supplement Plans. They also offers plans through employers and plans through the healthcare marketplace, which can provide financial assistance for those who qualify.

Cigna plans offer their members a wide variety of coverage on essential health benefits like emergency services, prescriptions, laboratory services, hospitalization, chronic disease management, and more.

At Warner Plaza Urgent Care, we accept Cigna health insurance. Depending on your specific health insurance plan, all or part of your visit to Warner Plaza may be covered.

While we accept Cigna health insurance, we remain dedicated to providing all of our patients with fast, expert urgent health care services. Whether you have Cigna insurance, another insurance, or no insurance, we will treat your illness, injury, or other medical need with the utmost care and consideration.