The Rejuvenating Benefits of IV Therapy After Jet Lag and Travel

Traveling to exotic lands, or anywhere that involves crossing time zones, is wonderful and exhausting at the same time. Your body’s natural circadian rhythm — your internal clock — becomes disrupted so you feel fatigued and dehydrated after a long flight.

Dr. Hamid Mirshojae and the team of physicians at Warner Plaza Urgent Care in Woodland Hills, California, offer IV therapy for men and women experiencing jet lag symptoms. Intravenous therapy is packed with the fluids, vitamins, and rejuvenating benefits you need to recover from jet lag and travel.

Learn how it can help you feel your best, quickly, so you don’t have to endure several days of malaise during your business trip or vacation.

Jet lag symptoms are temporary but impact your well-being

Anyone who travels frequently for business or pleasure knows that jet lag symptoms are temporary, but they can be highly disruptive for the first few days of your trip or upon returning home. The air pressure and lower oxygen levels you experience on the plane at high altitudes can lead to headaches, nausea, and dehydration.

The more time zones you cross, the worse your jet lag tends to be, and it usually includes any of the following unpleasant symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Irritability

Older travelers tend to experience more severe symptoms than younger folks, as do adults with underlying health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Additionally, if you’re not as physically fit as you should be, jet lag symptoms can last longer than for people who are in overall good health.

IV therapy reduces or eliminates jet lag faster

You may have heard of IV therapy used in weight loss, as an anti-aging therapy, or for a hangover cure, but it offers numerous benefits in treating jet lag after travel, too. Typically, after a long-distance flight, you feel the effects of jet lag for several days after you arrive at your destination. Dehydration is common because the air on the plane is much drier than on the ground.

IV therapy replenishes fluids and nutrients faster than drinking water and taking supplements because the nutrients and fluids in an IV drip go directly into your bloodstream where your body absorbs them completely and quickly. When you take medications to relieve your jet lag headache or nausea, they have to first go through your digestive system before hitting your bloodstream.

With IV therapy, we create a customized solution that contains the fluids and vitamins you need to replenish your body quickly and effectively so you can feel refreshed and energized in a just a few hours, rather than waiting a few days for your body to adjust and recover. IV therapy makes it easy for your body to absorb the fluids and vitamins, so it’s the fastest way to bounce back after a long day of travel.

What’s in an IV drip for jet lag?

Because rehydrating your body after a long flight is essential to relieving jet lag symptoms, an IV drip for jet lag typically contains fluids, anti-inflammatories, vitamin B12, and several other vitamins your body needs to re-energize.

IV therapy is beneficial both before and after your flight

You don’t have to wait until after you land to enjoy the benefits of IV therapy. In fact, many men and women who frequently travel for work get an IV therapy infusion before their flight. Hydrating your body in advance and making sure you have the nutrients, vitamins, and fluids you need to feel your best can help minimize or even prevent many jet lag symptoms.

Avoiding alcohol a few days prior to travel as well as getting enough rest and drinking plenty of water also helps you avoid severe jet lag symptoms or shortens the duration of their negative effects. Combine these efforts with IV therapy to take steps to prevent dehydration, fatigue, headaches, or even gastrointestinal issues that can occur when you disrupt your usual schedule.

IV therapy for jet lag and travel can be part of your overall health and wellness plan. Dr. Mirshojae and the team of expert medical providers at Warner Plaza Urgent Care specialize in emergency care as well as preventive medicine. They believe in treating the whole person, with an individualized, patient-centered philosophy.

If you’re experiencing one-time jet lag after travel or you’re a frequent flyer, call the medical experts at Warner Plaza Urgent Care, or request an appointment for IV therapy online.