If you’re traveling out of the country, it’s important for you to plan your trip carefully, which includes taking your health into consideration. Traveling can be incredibly rewarding but it can also come with health risks. To help our patients guard themselves against these risks, we offer pre-travel consultation appointments.

What To Know Before Your Visit

At your pre-travel consultation appointment, your doctor will assess your travel health needs and give you a personalized plan that takes your unique medical history into consideration. You’ll be given vaccine recommendations and any necessary prescriptions for medications, along with valuable traveling information and tips to help you stay healthy on your trip.

We ask that all patients coming in for a pre-travel consultation bring a full travel itinerary to their appointment. We also recommend that travelers come in for their appointment 4-6 weeks before traveling to give them ample time to get the vaccines and medications they may need.

Insurance is not accepted for pre-travel consultation appointments. The cost of the consultation is $45 and payment is due at the time of the appointment.

The Importance of Pre-Travel Consultations

We recommend that travelers to any part of the world consult with a doctor before making their trip. Travel can come with exposure to certain viruses and bacteria that can adversely affect your health. It’s particularly important for travelers headed to developing parts of the world to consult with a doctor before travel, as those areas often have lower standards of hygiene or water cleanliness that can allow for higher risks of exposure to dangerous viruses and bacteria.

When traveling to many areas of the world, it’s recommended that travelers get certain vaccines or take certain types of medicine before their trip. Certain areas may come with multiple vaccination or medicine recommendations, so it’s important to fully understand which you may need to protect your health during your travel. Additionally, some countries even require proof of certain vaccinations for entry into the country. This proof of vaccination may be required even for those who travel only to the airport of a country with certain health risks. Because of this, we ask that all those coming in for a pre-travel consultation bring a complete travel itinerary to their appointment, including information about any connecting flights or layovers you may have.

Alongside providing you with vaccinations and medications that can help protect your health, a doctor knowledgable about the health risks of travel can also offer you valuable information to guide you on your trip. For example, certain areas may have high risks of contaminated water or food. At a pre-travel consultation appointment, your doctor can warn you of any health risks you may encounter on your travels and give you a list of practical steps you can take to guard your health.

A doctor knowledgable about travel risks can also give you valuable medical advice on what you should do if you worry you are experiencing symptoms of infection during your travels. This is especially important if you are traveling to an area with any currently endemic diseases, as infection with these diseases may require immediate medical attention. If you are experiencing the symptoms of a serious medical issue, starting treatment as soon as possible (including taking medications) is the best way to help prevent a mild infection from becoming severe.

Warner Plaza Urgent Care offers pre-travel consultation appointments both through pre-scheduled appointments and on a walk-in basis. You can schedule an appointment online, make an appointment by calling us at 818-888-7009, or simply walk in to the clinic for a same day appointment.