Prevent Winter Colds with IV Therapy

Winter colds are a nuisance and can linger for weeks. And let’s face it, you don’t have time to be sick in bed with a fever, runny nose, and hacking cough. Instead, fortify your resistance with IV Nutrient Therapy from Warner Plaza Urgent Care in Woodland Hills.

Our IV therapy delivers immune-building vitamins and minerals to help your body stay strong in the face of the many viruses that flourish in winter.

Why are colds more common during winter months?

Colds are more common during cold weather because the virus that causes colds actually prefers cold weather, and a result is more like to multiply.

Also, the air is also drier during winter, and that makes the membranes that line our sinuses and upper respiratory system drier too. That means they don’t produce as much mucus and therefore can’t trap cold germs as effectively when we breathe them in.

More germs enter the body and that also accounts for the increased likelihood of your getting sick. Plus, we tend to spend more time indoors when it’s cool outside, and that means we’re more likely to breathe in cold germs that are trapped inside with us.

How IV therapy helps

When a “bad” virus enters your body, your immune system kicks into high gear, sending out special disease-fighting cells and using other tactics to kill the virus and protect your body. Not surprisingly, all that extra activity requires a lot more resources from your body. And if you’re already low on vitamins, minerals and other nutrients (and data shows we are), your body can have a difficult time keeping your immune system in good working order. That means you’re going to be a lot more susceptible to viruses and other germs you come in contact with, either by breathing them in, consuming them, or absorbing them through your skin or when rubbing your eyes.

IV therapy contains an array of vitamins, minerals, essential acids and other components your body needs to stay healthy, plus therapy can be customized to suit your unique nutritional needs and health risks.

But providing extra nutrients is just one of the benefits of IV therapy. The way those nutrients are delivered is the other major advantage. It’s true, you can take oral supplements to get extra nutrients into your body. But those supplements have to travel through the digestive system first, and that means they’re going to be broken down and diluted, leaving far fewer nutrients for your immune system and other important functions. By delivering those nutrients directly to your bloodstream, IV therapy ensures you get more of those important nutrients right where your body needs them, without being broken down or diluted by the digestive process.

Say “No” to colds: Learn how IV therapy can help

IV therapy can be performed in under an hour right in our office. Just kick back and relax while the IV does its work. To schedule your IV therapy session, contact the practice today.